Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I've never really been much of a radiohead, but I'm finding music is massively important at the moment.

I've found several new bands, very very different to my normal taste, and I just can't stop listening.

Normally, I need visual as well as auditory stimulation in order to enjoy it: if I'm just listening to music, I get bored because there's nothing to see. So I usually only have music on when I drive.

But at the moment, the auditory stimulation is enough: for the first time ever, I can sit and listen to music without needing something to look at. And I'm loving my new bands.

I do remember the last time I was in therapy about the abuse I went through a phase of music different to my usual. And I listened to it a lot. But I don't remember feeling so connected to the music, feeling it was so necessary.

At the moment it feels like the music is nourishing me. Maybe I need it to feed my soul. Or maybe that's just being overly hippy-chick...

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