Sunday, 13 November 2011

The fallout from my sister's visit yesterday has continued today.

Although I woke up with minimal neck pressure, I only managed to sit up for a couple of hours. I put the sling on, as usual, but the 'dislocate' pain quickly became too much. I took it off, but the pain didn't noticeably ease, my back was still very sore and I felt generally wiped out and exhausted. I was forced to lie down, and I've been in bed ever since. I've taken extra pills and I still can't get up; my back, in particular, is still very sore, and my shoulder is regularly stabbing at me.

It seems odd, given that I did less yesterday than on previous days, and it started off as a good day.

I think the thing is, though, that having people here, especially small ones, meant I wasn't just sitting up. I was moving around, twisting, turning, reaching, and getting up and down. Interacting with people is simply more active than just sitting up in the chair on my own. And working would be too.

So I won't be able to get back to work till I can manage that kind of activity. It also means that the visit I have planned to a friend's later this week - the first in 9 months - will take more out of me than I'd thought.

I had planned to drive home at the end of the evening, but clearly that won't be possible; I need to arrange to stay over on these sorts of trips, until I've built up some real stamina.

It's disappointing, but very useful information.

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