Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My friend pointed out something interesting just now. I was saying how great it is that the sling is helping, but I really hope it doesn't all just relapse.

She said yes, but even if it does, the fact that something mechanical has had such an impact suggests that there is a physical problem that can be fixed mechanically. If it does relapse, they need to start doing x-rays, MRIs and ultrasounds in order to find out what's constricting the blood, and then do something to release it.

Of course, that goes against the theory of the pain being a manifestation of emotional trauma (as per that book). If that's the case, any intervention still won't prevent a relapse, because the mind finds ways to restrict bloodflow in order to create the physical pain it needs in order to express the emotional pain. So I'd go through the intervention for nothing.

All of which means that if it does relapse, I'm still facing a conflict; I'd have to start the emotional work, whilst pushing for all the tears and inteventions. Terrific.

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