Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sling questions to consider / now answered

*is it possible that the altered angle of the shoulder joint could interrupt the pain signals sufficient to ease or even stop the pain?

*is there a cumulative effect on the neck pressure - i.e. if I wear it constantly for a period, will things adjust so I can then stop without any recurrence of symptoms?

*is the reduction in pain I've seen so far permanent and cumulative, as per the neck pressure question above?

*having taken the sling off for a while, can you then not wear it again without a rest period (lying down)?

*the eye droopiness and sleepiness I get every day isn't down to the meds, it's the neck pressure - it stops with the sling on. So if the eyes start drooping, don't go to bed, adjust for neck pressure.

*whatever nerve it is that gets trapped at some point links to the trigeminal nerve (causing the screwdriver)

*abducting the arm somehow links down to nerves in my right thigh and my left hand

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