Monday, 7 November 2011

Just walked to pharmacy - my first trip out with the new sling fully operational.

It went well - I was able to walk at a reasonable speed, no pain kick offs and no need for bed when I got back.

I'm feeling good, and increasingly positive. I'm still on a lot of morphine, but I feel like I could work like this, albeit part-time. Getting the morphine down can come later.

I've got to be careful though. I don't want to go back to work then be off sick again because it re-flared. And I don't just want to be back at work, I want my life back, my whole life. So it's going to have to be 'slowly slowly', to make sure it sticks. Build up activity levels, and make sure the pain doesn't re-flare, before I go back. Especially given that this morning was bad - I stayed in bed, on the laptop, using pillows instead of the sling. After a couple of hours I was in bad pain and terrible neck pressure. So it's not straight-forward.

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