Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I seem to be doing a lot of 'fresh start' stuff at the moment - like getting new specs, cutting my hair etc.

I'm getting a really positive feeling and I think it's coming from that, as tho a new start means things will somehow be different. Maybe they will.

I've also been getting rid of stuff that's been hanging around for ages, and replacing it with new; like I'm throwing out the past, even the recent past, and starting over. And I've got on and tried or bought things I've been ruminating on for literally years.

And I've been able to do some things that haven't been possible since the accident, notably paint fingernails, instead of having to wear ore-painted stick-on ones. It's because I've never been able to sit with my arm in a position to let the polish dry, without it getting all over me or the furniture.

Thanks to the new sling, now I can - I've just done it for the first time. I'll be back on my fuck-off heels one day, you wait and see.

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