Sunday, 11 December 2011

Morphine dose

I tried reducing the number of OxyContin doses yesterday, as part of my attempts to cut back - and eventually cut out - the morphine.

I've already managed to go from double doses to single, so it seemed possible. I also had no pain after therapy yesterday, so thought maybe it was done, and I wouldn't need the pills.

Unfortunately, I did need them; the pain ramped up this afternoon, and I couldn't subdue it mentally, so I wound up having to take extra Oxynorm. My heating failing didn't help either; faffing about with the boiler, getting stressed, rushing about making phone calls etc all made the pain worse.

This is no good. The doc prefers I take the oxyc., it's more efficient (because it's slow release - more benefit per pill), and anyway, I'm running out of Oxynorm. I've just had to take even more; I took a bedtime dose at 10.30, but then I got caught up trying to design a mindmap to represent all the therapy stuff that I'm working on, and suddenly, it's 2am, the pain is worse, and I need more pills because I can't sublimate the pain when I'm trying to sleep.

So anyway, back to normal OxyContin levels tomorrow - 70mg spread over five doses, and hopefully keeping emergency Oxynorm to a minimum.

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