Sunday, 4 December 2011

You'll not believe this, but I feel good today.

Partly it's mental; I've managed to do the six-monthly spring clean of the chin cage and it's environs, all by myself. The last time I tried that was three years ago, and it resulted in evil neck pressure for weeks.

My friends have all offered to help me do this job, and I've relied on that ever since. But though they've done it, as hard as they've tried, none of them have been able to hide how much they hate the job, and how disgusting they find it.

I guess it's the same as kids; parents don't mind dealing with their children's various bodily excretions, but anyone else would find it utterly disgusting, as I did, years ago, when the 5-year-old girl I was baby sitting demanded I wipe her bottom after she'd taken a dump. I'd heard her asking her mum and dad to do it, so knew it was normal, but I found it revolting - especially when I discovered she had a seriously bad aim...

My friends, asked to scrub away months of wee, and gather up all the poos hidden behind the cage, clearly feel the same way, whereas it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

I don't blame them for not being keen on the job and I'm really grateful for their help, but this time I felt it was down to me. So I set out to do it myself.

I spread it over two days, and took lots of long breaks. And I did it! Not only that, I don't feel any worse as a result. Even the neck pressure didn't kick off, which given the twisting and turning, reaching and lifting, is a bloody miracle.

The pain did kick off some, but a combination of top-up pills and a new mental approach stemming from my conversation with the new therapist, was enough to deal with it.

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