Sunday, 4 March 2012

Linguistic shortage

I need more words.

There simply aren't enough negative adjectives to go around. 'Awful', 'hideous', 'terrible'. 'Mind-numbing', 'eye-watering', 'toe-curling'; I use them all, with such disturbing frequency that they begin to lose all meaning. Like when you're hunting for a number in the phone book (remember phone books, before the whole world was available on the Internet!), and the place name morphs into something totally alien, the more you look at it.

So many of my days and nights are so unbearably bad, that I've run out of words to describe them. Normal adverbs like 'very' and 'extremely' aren't good enough - they simply don't have the force I'm seeking. I need to find new words, ones that are strong enough to express the depth of 'badness' I so often experience, and varied enough to avoid repetition.

For most bloggers, it probably wouldn't matter, but I'm a writer by nature, and it matters enormously to me.

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