Saturday, 7 January 2012

I'm lying here in a lot of pain, waiting for the lot of pills I've had to take to kick in. But it's been an amazing day.

Some friends I don't get to see very often came to visit. We'd arranged for them to arrive before lunch, and said we'd basically see how long I could last before things got bad. My most realistic hope was that I'd get through the afternoon, but my secret wish was that I'd feel well enough to go for dinner with them. It didn't seem likely, what with the seating, pills, pain and so on, but it would be a huge victory if I could do it.

Well, not only did I manage lunch and chatting all afternoon, I made it to dinner too. In a real restaurant. Like a real person.

It's the first time in a year I've managed to eat out, and it felt like I'd been invited to the palace for tea! We went to Ask and I had a yummy pizza and and even yummier apple pie dessert.

The pain started to flare on the way home and it resisted the first round of pills and having a lie down (having bid farewell to my friends). So I'm now on the second dose, and I'm really hoping it kicks in soon.

I think tomorrow's going to be bad, as fallout, and that scares me. But I've just had a really sweet text from my friend reminding me that even if that does happen, it won't wipe out all I've achieved today.

She's right, of course, but it might be a struggle to remember that if things get really bad. It has been a fab day though.

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