Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pain exploded while I was in with the chins tonight.

I always put top-up pills within reach while I'm in there, but it still requires kneeling up and stretching - for ages I couldn't do it. I was just stuck there, racked with pain, lying in the floor with the chins climbing all over me. They knew something was wrong, well C did anyway - she kept coming and 'kissing noses' with me, like she does when she's feeling affectionate or she senses something's wrong. R was just enjoying the climbing frame.

I finally managed to reach the pills, but still couldn't get up, but now I had to keep the chins from chewing the pill packaging (or worse yet, the pills themselves).

I'm now in my chair but the chin cage is still all open. I can't breathe properly and it was agony getting out of the enclosure. I could really do with lying down, but I daren't leave the girls out but unattended and I can't shut the cage up.

It's a lousy end to a really-not-bad day. Great.

+3 hours
Still in agony. Taken 25mg quick release and 20mg slow release. Minimal results. About to take another 20mg QR; feel like shit, imagining how the pious nurses would tell me I'm not managing it properly. But let them lie here in this kind of pain, then talk to me about mismanagement.

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