Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I've talked about the things I'm going to do after the pain. It's a really long list and it won't be possible or practical to do it all at once. I'll be spreading these things out over years, so I can do each one properly and get the most out of each one.

So these are the ones I plan to start first (in no particular order):
*Join a kick boxing class
*Train to be a magistrate
*Return to my embroidery
*Join Rock Choir
*Go speed dating
*Go on a 'personal shopper' trip with R
*Teach myself Japanese writing
*Go to the cinema regularly

Top of the list after that will be taking a sign language course and going back to salsa dancing.

I'm already doing online dating (it's crap - where are all the decent men?) and as soon as I'm back as work, I'm going to allocate a sum of money for buying 'fantasy clothes snd shoes' - all the heels etc I haven't been able to buy for four years (though I mustn't forget the suitcase full of shoes that will seem 'new' because I haven't worn them for so long!).

I've also already booked two shows, as a very tangible incentive to getting better: a comedy show and a ballet. And of course I'm swimming, which I really want to continue, and gradually increase (each time I add two lengths - I did 10 on Sunday).


This has been a really good post to write, not for the list of things I'm going to do, but to remind me of what I'm already managing to do. It's a lot more than I realised, which is really encouraging (especially having been forced to take top-up pills this evening, after mentally fighting off the pain for eight hours straight).

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