Sunday, 8 January 2012

More things I'm going to do

I was talking to a friend the other day, who'd found the 'Things I'm going to Do' post interesting, so here's Part II. The list is constantly evolving, so some of these are very new, and some just didn't make it on to the list last time.

Go on a spending spree for the kind of clothes and shoes the pain stopped me wearing

Go roller blading

Learn French

Go back to Liverpool for a visit

Get one of the LYDC bags with short handles

Go to the Midnight Tango Show

Not just be able to do my job, but get promoted

Live on a narrow boat

Play volleyball

Go to a live comedy show

Do Wii Dance

Do the amateur round-the-world sailing challenge

Practise calligraphy

Go back to volunteering with under-privileged kids

Wear all my fabulous funky jewellery

Go to Venice

Do my Japanese writing

Take my niece and nephew to museums and stuff

Go whale watching

Be my friend's Own Personal Shopper

Do the Walk with the Wolves

Play basketball

Grow and style my hair

Spend Christmas volunteering instead of suffering my family

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