Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Think, people, think!

After standing in line for hours behind an old lady arguing about £2.50 on her till receipt, I was finally able to hand in my prescriptions.

I was desperate to sit down, but as soon as I did, the pharmacist came rushing over, demanding I go to a secret door, because she wanted to see me in private. Of course, I immediately start thinking she's going to say I've had too much morphine, and refuse to fill the prescription, even though it was legit. So, I went and knocked on the secret door - no answer. I waited, tried again, still nothing and I just couldn't stand up any more. So I went back to the counter and pointed out that she couldn't keep me hanging about like that when I clearly have trouble standing (let's face it, the stick gives it away).

Anyway, finally she lets me in, and it turns out our beloved Government now requires pharmacies to do a yearly interview with patients on more than three meds, to check everything's OK.

I understand that with repeat prescriptions, it's easy to just keep taking stuff when you don't necessarily need it, but even when I pointed out that I'd seen my doctor two days ago, she persisted.

She did have a couple of useful bits of advice, so it wasn't entirely wasted time (and she had a very interesting Eastern European accent), but the whole thing did make me feel a bit like a criminal, dragged off to an interview room to prove I really need all that medication.

At the end of it, she gave me my meds (all in stock, for once!) and a 'goodie bag'. Most people would've chucked the lot, but I was quite pleased - it was samples of lactose-free milks (which I buy anyway) and money-off vouchers, plus some Omega 3 tablets that I've been thinking of trying, and a couple of other bits and bobs.

It made up a bit for all the hassle, but I do wish people would think a bit more: here's a woman collecting prescriptions for five different meds, walking with a stick, looking, let's be honest, as rough as a badger's arse - maybe we shouldn't ask her to stand around for ages at a hidden door, while we piss about doing who-knows-what!

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