Thursday, 24 March 2011


I have just had to use a granny-style shopping trolley (as opposed to one I nicked from Tesco, obviously) just to move my new laptop from the lounge to the bedroom.

The pain in my back and shoulder is still so bad, there was no way I could pick the laptop up. This is what it therefore took to move it:
•sit on the floor beside the coffee table with my knees up to my chin
•slide the laptop across the table, to balance on my knees
•flatten my legs, so the laptop is near the floor
•slide the laptop across into the trolley which is lying facedown on the floor
•roll the trolley back upright and drag it into the bedroom
•lift the trolley onto the bed using one hand and one foot (same as getting it into the car)
•slide the laptop out

This is how ridiculously difficult and complicated it is for me to complete the simplest of tasks these days. And after all that, it's still made my back worse. It was raising the trolley that did it, even with the foot lift; I should have used the knee method instead.

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