Thursday, 31 March 2011

Morphine and food

It appears the non-absorption of the morphine is down not only to what the pain consultant calls an 'undercoat' of paracetemol, but to consistent blood sugar levels.

I took a quick release pill today at 11.45am and it had no effect on pain or SEs. To see if it made a difference, I had some lunch at 12.15 and by 1pm, the morphine was working. It has to be because of the food - the morphine never kicks in that way that late.

So now I need to work out whether it's better to eat before or after the pill, and what the time limits are, or whether it makes no difference.

Addendum: Apparently, morphine slows the release of glucose into the blood. Presumably, then, if I eat, then take the morphine straight after (as I've done in the past), my body won't get the glucose from the meal quickly enough, so my blood sugar won't go up. And that will mean I won't get the best benefit from the morphine.

Therefore, the best thing will be not to take them close together. I think if I do it like I did today, the morphine is in my system and then increasing my blood sugar gives it a power boost.

To see if it also works the other way, this evening I had my tea an hour before taking a quick release pill. It's difficult to tell if it's worked though, because the slow release one is at work.

Even if I can't find out, it doesn't necessarily matter because it's much more doable taking a pill and waiting an hour to eat, then eating then waiting for a pill, given that often I can't get to the kitchen without having taken a pill.

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