Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bad day, though getting the DLA package in the post was fairly joyous. Now though :

shoulder pain - bad
neck pressure - very bad
back - terrible

It took hours to find a position that eases the neck pressure and I look like I'm in spasm because I'm so contorted. But anything else is just awful. If I lie any other way, the neck pressure is terrible; if I sit up, within minutes, the shoulder pain becomes unbearable. But I can only maintain the 'right' position for so long, before my hips start to throb and I have no choice but to move.

There is an OK position lying more propped up (at the moment) but I know that though it's OK at the time, when I get up, I'll have excruciating pain in my lower back and will be unable to stand up straight or walk even to the toilet

Morphine levels are two thirds what they've been the last few days, which is bloody brilliant. Except for the reason it's so low is that it's not helping the neck pressure, so there's no point taking any more. But at least I'm no longer trying to get through the forms and hence having to take extra in the hope it might work. Now, I might just as well put up with it. Especially as I've also had a bad tummy today, as a direct result of all that morphine.

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