Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Proud of me

It's taken a helluva lot of morphine, and I'll probably come to regret it tomorrow, but I've got shedloads done today and I'm extremely proud of myself.

Here's what I've achieved:
Balanced my bank statement
Got morphine prescription (vital!)
Posted sick note
Dug out paperwork for DLA
Did a load of filing whilst putting the paperwork away
Put out yesterday's washing
Put more washing on
and, of course, finished the DLA forms!

Half of what I've got done wasn't even planned for today. It just wound up getting done as a means of procrastinating against doing the forms. Or it was a natural progression from doing something else.

Of course I'm in horrible pain and have just had to take yet more morphine, but with all those jobs done, I can now rest and recover and hope the pain finally goes down. I'm looking forward to enjoying a rest without the pressure of looming jobs.

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