Thursday, 13 October 2011

Need traction

I've had the TENS machine on my back all day and it was helping, along with being propped up high.

Increasingly, though, the neck pressure was getting worse and I could tell it was coming from my shoulder. I needed traction on my arm - it needs to be pulled slightly out of it's socket, I think because that's what's pressing on the nerve.

Unfortunately there's no-one here to provide the traction but I did find the pressure eased a bit when I got the right position and angle and pulled on it myself.

So I'm now lying on my back with my arm hanging off the bed. This is releasing the nerve, tho the blinding headache and nausea from it - let's face it, it's a migraine - is still bad and the TENS is still going. I can't get up to get my migraine pills, because I'll lose this angle.

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