Sunday, 30 October 2011

Abduction sling

It suddenly occured to me this afternoon that the last time I was looking at slings online, I saw one with a pad under it that pushes your arm outwards.

At the time I scrolled on by, as it was of no use whatsoever, but now that's exactly what I'm having to do all the time with cushions and pillows.

Cue another marathon internet session; I discovered that it's called an 'abduction sling', which doesn't mean someone's trying to make off with my shoulder - though trust me, they're welcome to it! - but that it puts the shoulder into a 'neutral' position, necessary after surgery or dislocation.

Most also push your arm out to the side, which is no good for me, but I did find a few that were suitable.

They're not cheap, but it'll mean I can get up and move about without losing the correct arm position, as I do at the moment. I also won't have to keep leaning or stretching out for my pillows.

It'll be much better for doctor or psych appointments - at the moment I have to use the ordinary sling and suffer through the poor arm positioning. If I can get to visit anyone, it'll save lugging several cushions with me, and if I could get into town or anything, it would make walking easier. It'll make chin playtime less painful and I think it'll even be better for driving (though it won't be done up).

So, potentially well worth the £70!

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