Monday, 24 October 2011

Pain is now so bad, I can't put my arm in traction, which means agonising shoulder pain plus raging neck pressure causing blinding headache. I want to die.

7.40 I've just crunched up 2 slow release pills, having already taken 2 half an hour ago. I couldn't take slow release ones because I'll run out - I got the doc to give me a post-dated prescription for the Oxynorm, but that means I absolutely can't get any more till 7th Nov. Which means that what I've got HAS to last till then. But I had to take extra because I'm in agony. So to conserve the Oxynorm, I decided to take the extra Oxycontin, but I had to crunch it up to make it immediately absorbable. Let's hope there's no backfire (though accidental OD wouldn't be unwelcome).

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