Wednesday, 4 May 2011

All I do all day long is take pills and potions.

Little white pills, little blue pills, little pink pills. Orange and brown capsules, red and white capsules. Pus-coloured medicine, white chews. Yellow lozenges, green lozenges.

And when I'm not taking pills and potions, I'm taking things to make the pills and potions useful. Ginger drink, ginger chews. Nuts, raisins, berries, seeds. Rice cakes, fruit bars.

And when I'm not doing that? I'm doing other things governed by the pain. Snooze in the lounge, sleep in bed. Switch pillows, trade cushions. Heatpad on, TENS machine on. PainGone Pen, meditation. Movement exercises, steam room, swim.

Every minute of every bloody day revolves around my shoulder. Nothing I do is spontaneous or unconnected with the pain.

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