Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My morning

I'm feeling truly awful.

I popped into town this morning to look for ginger chews to try and ease the sickness. I lasted less than an hour before the pain and the neck pressure built into a blinding headache.

I made it home and took another slow release pill (I'd tried cutting it down to one this morning, but once again it was a bad idea). I also had to take a migraine pill. and I realised that I'd forgotten to take the paracetemol this morning, so I took that too.

Nothing helped though. By 12.30 the headache was still blinding and I was feeling horribly, horribly sick. I knew I should eat something, but I could barely manage to stand up in the kitchen to defrost a baguette. And the last thing I felt like doing was eating it.

So, even with the depression easing a bit, I still can't function.

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