Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Staggering Oxycontin?

I find that I don't generally have to take a top-up pill for a couple of hours after taking the Oxycontin. That suggests that although they are slow release, the Oxycontin doesn't release evenly - you get more benefit from it at the begininning than at the end.

I'm thinking that maybe I can use this to my advantage; instead of taking two Oxycontin in the morning, as I have been doing, maybe I should take one then and one at lunchtime, like I did today.

Hopefully, I would get the same couple of hours of benefit in the afternoon as I do in the morning, and that would mean I could get away with fewer top-up pills during the day. If it works, I could try the same with the evening ones.

I'd only be taking the same amount if Oxycontin, but staggering it might enable me to reduce the Oxynorm, which would being down my total morphine intake. It's worth a try.

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