Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bloody heatpad

The heatpad. The bloody heatpad - that's what's been causing the neck pressure, screwdriver headaches and migraines!

I've been using it every morning because my back has been so stiff and sore getting up. It's helped my back, but has obviously been causing muscles to contract and pinch the nerves leading up into my head.

Once it's started, I'm stuffed; there's nothing I can do to relax the muscles unless I can get into a steam room or fall asleep. Within minutes, the screwdriver headaches start and the migraine isn't far behind.

Once I'm in that position, it turns into a cycle - the heatpad has caused the tense muscles that lead to the neck pressure and headaches, but in response to the pain I'm in, I tense up even more. That causes more shoulder and back pain, and I need the heatpad to relax it. Which only compounds the neck pressure problem.

My only chance is to remember not to put it on first thing. That's what I did today; it seems to be preventing the neck pressure, but my back is so stiff I can't stand up straight, and I have to move very very gingerly, otherwise I can feel the neck pressure starting anyway. Obviously, whatever nerve has been getting trapped is still very vulnerable.

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