Saturday, 7 May 2011

Medication jigsaw

In the four years since the accident, I've taken so many different medications. It's often been quite a logistical nightmare to fit them all into the day in the right places, to minimise the negative interactions.

For the first time, though, it's not just about the interactions between meds, it's also - and crucially - about the mixing of meds and meals.

It's easy enough when what you're taking has to be 'with food' or 'after food'. But when it's a question of having to take one thing 2 hours after food and something else 45 minutes after eating, but they can't be taken any closer to each other than 2 hours, you start running into trouble.

You end up with not enough hours between meals, not enough 'eating events' in the day and simply no way of making the jigsaw fit. And getting it wrong leaves you with either unbearable side effects or ineffectual meds. It's a nightmare.

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