Saturday, 30 April 2011

Concerns over Lofepramine

The Lofepramine worries me; it has so far had no impact on the depression, but the side effects are very bad, especially since the last dosage increase.

I'm getting very bad nausea all day - despite the anti-nausea meds I already take for the morphine - the panic attacks are as bad as they were on the Fluoxetine and my body temperature is all over the place again. The itching-all-over is back too. They're obviously all associated with serotonin, since that's what both Lofepramine and Fluoxetine are all about.

I can put up with the latter ones, but I'm not sure if I can cope with the nausea. I have no appetite again (like when I was on the Tramadol) and often the only cue I get that I need to eat is the sickness getting worse. Eating does ease it, but it's incredibly difficult to make yourself eat when you feel that sick.

Worried about Lofep - nausea worse, body temp. Panics not working

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