Thursday, 28 April 2011

Entertainment my arse...

I can't even watch the TV and feel safe. Every time I do, some storyline comes along that leaves me feeling freaked out and vulnerable.

Like yesterday - I was watching an episode of CSI Miami. I was already having panic attacks, then suddenly, a story about child abduction and murder. Great.

Then today - Cold Case, and it's a guy with learning difficulties being abused and bullied whilst his Mum is dying of cancer.

Then there are the car accidents, helicopter rescues, dysfunctional families and heroes-overcoming-disabilities. And, of course, the always the old favourite - child abuse.

Whenever the writers need a good dramatic twist, they throw in a bit of child abuse. It never seems to occur to them that there might actually be people out there who've experienced these things. And perhaps they might not appreciate having their trauma hijacked and trivialised for the sake of some salacious screenplay.

The frequency with which it appears on-screen makes the reality seem mundane and commonplace - not the horrifying abberation that it really is.

We're forced to sit and watch people overcome terrible things with stoic smiles and a background of rousing music. There's no recognition of how hard that actually is to do, or the many, many people who try just as hard but never quite make it. Or the situations that just can't be overcome.

It's not as if I can just not watch (which, of course, is what some smart arse will say). The TV is all I've got at the moment - I can't read because I can't concentrate, and I can't watch movies for the same reason. I can't go out because of the pain and I get too overwhelmed by people to have them round (even if they weren't busy with their own lives and jobs).

So I'm stuck with the only way to pass the time and take my mind off my life, being something that regularly turns around and stabs me in the back.

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