Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Update after Doctor's appointment

Saw the doc yesterday.

I told him the only thing that's changed since the last time is the side effects. He wasn't surprised the Lofepramine isn't work yet, and told me to double the dose. He's going to look into a lactose-free alternative, because the nausea is bad enough already, without doubling it. And apparently I can't just take it all at night - it has to be spread throughout the day.

There's been no improvement in the pain, and I told him about the 90mg-morphine day on Saturday.

Once again, I was expecting to have to argue with him about the fact that I still don't feel up to work, but the reality was very different. He asked what I thought about work and I said I just didn't feel I was able to; he surprised me by saying he absolutely didn't feel I was able to either.

The pain behaved during the appointment, and though it didn't exactly flare up driving home, by the time I got home, I was feeling absolutely awful. I was feeling really really low, my shoulder was bad, my back was very painful and I was desperate to lie down.

I felt bloody awful and I just curled up in a corner for the night. I woke up feeling not much better, and the pain's been bad all day. I've had several reassuring messages from work, but I still felt like shit.

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