Saturday, 9 April 2011

It was a pretty lousy day on Friday. The pain was bad from first thing, so I spent the whole day stoned on meds, which in turned made me feel sick all day.

The upside was my sister made it over for the weekend, but now I'm lying here at 1.30am trying to decide at what point the pain is bad enough to justify waking her up. It's like when I was a kid and wanted to call my mum after a nightmare, but didn't know if it was really scary enough so she wouldn't shout at me.

I know my sis won't shout, but I don't want to disturb her unnecessarily. But how do I work out when it's necessary?

3am. Made the call at 1.45. Sis sat and held my hand for an hour. Have taken three pills since midnight, pain still bad and have pretty much given up on sleep. Tried eating, but no help. Have just taken additional paracetemol, to see if that does.

Sent sis back to bed - no sense in both of us being up all night. Back to the DVDs.

8am. The paracetemol-combo worked. Wish I'd remembered to try it sooner, but in the throes of agony, it slipped my mind.

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