Friday, 15 April 2011

More problems

Since doubling the dose of Lofepramine, I've been having terrible stomach cramps.

I figured it was to do with the pills, but didn't think it was also down to the lactose till a friend suggested it. I did a bit of research and discovered stomach cramps are a symptom of lactose-intolerance, just like the nausea.

I called the doc to discuss it because I hadn't heard from him about a lactose-free alternative. He said he's posted me a prescription for a liquid version of the same antidepressant but without the lactose. Apparently, 'it's hideously expensive, but you're worth it', as he put it.

I've just checked the mailbox, but there was nothing, so I'm going to have to keep taking the pills till it arrives. Hope it gets here soon.

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