Tuesday, 5 April 2011

This blood sugar-morphine thing is a problem.

I've been taking the evening slow release at 5pm, having tea at 6 then the quick release at 7.

But I keep finding that the kick to the morphine provided by the boost in blood sugar leaves me feeling really out of it by 7, when I should be taking the evening's quick release one. It makes me feel so weird that I daren't take the 7pm pill, even though I need it. So I'm left stoned and in pain.

If I move the slow release to 6pm at the same time as eating, that might resolve the problem, but it also might be that the food then limits absorption of the 7pm quick release pill. Eating at 8pm - an hour after the quick release - is too late - I'll starve to death by then!

I suppose I could try taking the slow and quick release together at 6, eating at 7, but I think that would be even worse because 25mg would be activated by the food.

Eating my main meal at lunchtime would probably be the best option, but I don't know if I can get used to that, and it won't be any good when I'm back at work.

Key points:
Boosting 20mg evening morphine with food is unnecessary and counterproductive
10mg quick release at 7pm often does need food boost
Lunchtime main meal would be better
Blood sugar needs to be kept constant

12pm - main meal
4pm - scheduled snack (fruit, salad, nuts etc)
5pm - 20mg evening slow release morphine
7pm - 5mg quick release morphine
8pm - tea (sandwich or similar) to boost morph
When lunchtime main meal not possible, eat proper tea with 20mg slow release pill at 5/6pm

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