Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I don't know what to say

I started the liquid Lofepramine yesterday. It tastes revolting and it's a pretty daunting thought, having to experience that taste several times a day for god knows how long. It'd better be a bloody good antidepressant!

I got up just now to get the medicine and nearly passed out, and I now feel completely out of it and very sick. It's several hours since I've taken a morphine pill so I can only imagine it's down to the Cyclizine.

I have found once before that it made me totally spaced out and the pharmacist mentioned it can do that, when she dragged me in to that meeting, but it's definitely taken me by surprise. I know when I lie down it's going to be way worse. And I'm going to need to take one or even two more morphine pills to go to bed.

How the fuck am I supposed to keep living like this?

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