Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New schedule

Started my new eating regime today, designed to maximise the benefit of the morphine. So far, it's working well.

I noticed a definite increase in the effect if this morning's slow release pill after eating breakfast, and I purposely timed the quick release one I needed later on for approx an hour before lunch: it worked as suspected - eating boosted the morphine.

Managed to delay the quick release one this afternoon till 3, then had a small snack at 4 to boost it. I took the Oxycontin at 5, and as I hoped, because I didn't then eat at 6, the side effects are more bearable. That's also meant I've been able to take the evening Oxynorm an hour earlier because of spiking pain levels, something that would've been impossible yesterday - I would've been forced to just sit through it.

So, I can have tea at 7 (usually it would be 8, but obviously I'm now running an hour early).

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