Saturday, 23 April 2011

'Better' day

On balance, a better day today; still 6 top-up pills, but that's been enough, rather than struggling to keep it down to that.

I've also managed to spend the whole day out of bed, and even made it to the shop a little bit this morning. After the past few days, that's a big improvement.

This evening, I took two 10mg slow release pills instead of one 20mg, to see if the sickness was any better - it was. The 10s still contain lactose, but obviously not as much, even taking two of them.

The pain's quite bad at the moment, and I've already had to make the 7pm top-up a double dose.

I suspect it's going to stay bad (I wish I'd done the chins earlier!) so it could well require another couple of pills before bed, and it could be another hideous night, but I just have to hope not; there's nothing more I can do at the moment. The one good thing is that I managed to resist the urge to do too much earlier on that always comes on a 'better' day, so if it does go downhill now, I know it's not my fault.

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