Sunday, 25 September 2011

Facial swelling

OK, interesting discovery: the swelling in my face, which I always thought was some kind of food allergy, is entirely muscular. It's holding the plate/bowl that does it.

I've just eaten exactly the same cereal as this morning, and which always makes the left-hand side of my face swell up. But this time I ate it off the table - no swelling!

I guess the only reason this doesn't happen every meal is that for lunch - toast or bagel - I put the plate on the arm of the chair, and for tea, I have it either on a cushion (if I'm in my armchair) or on a legged-tray if I'm in bed. So there's no weight in my left arm.

The swelling ranges from uncomfortable (most days) to very painful (today). It can last anything from five minutes to several days.

I need to prevent it, because it's obviously not good for me, so, since I don't have a dining table, I'm going to have to use the tray every time I have cereal. To avoid having to hoik my existing one from room to room, I'll need to buy a second one to keep in the lounge.

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