Saturday, 17 September 2011

I just almost threw up half way through eating lunch.

I managed to sit up earlier on and start the DLA forms. But within half and hour I just felt so stressed and overwhelmed and tearful with it all that I had to stop and go back to bed.

The pain was starting to build again and it's been getting worse ever since. I took three top-ups, but they've done nothing.

I didn't want any lunch but I know I'm supposed to eat. When I got up to get it I felt sick and dizzy, like a migraine, but I thought the neck pressure was under control; I'd been able to find a position where it seemed OK.

Then halfway through eating I nearly threw up, and now I can't eat any more. The migraine is still building, so I'm about to take a migraine pill.

The shoulder pain is still crap, my back hurts, the nerves are trapped and causing the migraine.

I don't feel suicidal, but I will kill myself if this carries on.

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