Sunday, 11 September 2011


Here's a thought.

I'm stuck in bed most days, unable physically to do anything more than that, but I'm mentally alert at least half the time because of the lower levels of morphine.

So, if the right equipmemt were in place, why couldn't I work from bed? It would require a very lightweight laptop fitted with Dragon, and I would have to learn to use the voice activation for absolutely everything. But since most of the time I can't sit up, the temptation won't be there to even try doing things by hand.

I reckon three-quarters of my job could be satisfactorily done that way. Meetings could be by phone, as before. The main thing I couldn't do would be testing of new electronic products. The company would have to pay for Dragon-coding of certain programmes (particularly our own ones) and for complicated spreadsheet-related projects, but surely that would be better than me being off sick forever?

I wouldn't be able to be in the office, so I'd still be feeling isolated, but at least I'd be doing something useful and feeling a bit productive.

Is it do-able, or am I being daft??

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