Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fell up the stairs

I've just fallen up the stairs and landed on my bad shoulder.

As I came to the last couple of stairs (going up) after checking my mailbox, my toe caught in the opposite trouser leg and sent me flying. It all seemed to happen in slow motion though. I was falling forwards slightly to the left and I knew that normally one would put the left hand down to break the fall. But I also knew I couldn't do that, because it would be agony for my shoulder, so instead I had to roll further to the left and do a sort of stuntman-roll landing onto my left shoulder. There was no way I could change direction to fall to the right, so this was the least dangerous option.

Luckily, because I was at the top of the stairs, it was the landing I was falling onto, not the hard edge of a stair, and because my feet were several stairs down, the height I had to fall was a lot less than it normally would be. All of which meant it didn't hurt nearly as much as it could have done. Still, having been fighting terrible pain all day, it was the last thing I needed.

I'd given in and taken  a10mg top-up at 1.30 and it did help - mostly because I then felt sufficiently stoned not to be too bothered by the continuing pain. But that fall has kicked it off again. I could really, really have done without it.

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