Sunday, 25 September 2011

Overdid it yesterday, even tho was mostly in bed. Kept getting up and having frenzy of activity. Paying for it today - in agony.

I knew things were bad when I woke up and my arm felt like it was hanging out of my shoulder. It took me ages to even move. It's still killing me, and my back's really bad too.

I've just taken a double dose of Oxycontin, because there's no way the equivalent dose of Oxynorm would come anywhere near it.

12.30. The Oxycontin has done very little - still in pain and nothing I can do. I've also got bad neck pressure going on, SINCE the pills. Which means they're fucking useless.

To cap it all, the left side of my face is badly swollen. I can't close my mouth properly and I can't chew. The swelling happens every time I eat cereal. I don't know if it's an allergy, if it's to do with the way I hold the bowl in my left hand or what. Normally, it goes down within minutes, but today it's just stayed like it.

It's happened before, but I've never managed to get to the doctor in time for him to see it. There's no way I'll even try driving there tomorrow either, so I'm just stuck. Again.

12.48. Heaven. I found a position that eases everything. The neck pressure's gone down, the back pain's eases, the shoulder pain is down and I can close my mouth. It's the most uncomfortable-looking position - on my side, legs propped up sideways, pillows everywhere - but it's working. It's working!

1.40. Shame it didn't last. As soon as I moved, it all started again.

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