Sunday, 11 September 2011

Terrible terrible back pain. Such a shame after what was essentially a pretty good day.

More later.

12.30. Top-up pills are kicking in. They're only masking the pain, not killing it, but it's helping. I can't reach my specs though, so you'll have to excuse any typos I can't see.

The back pain I think is a result of managing to colour my hair this morning. I was very chuffed with myself, as it's the first time in months I've felt able to do that as well as feeling there was any point to it.

I also managed to stay sitting up the rest of the day and I felt OK. But when the back pain started, so did the shoulder pain and the neck pressure.

I've been aware all day that I was probably overdoing it, but it felt so nice to be able to do stuff at the same time as having the motivation to. Actually *wanting* to do things - seeing a future that made it feel worthwhile doing them. But I think I'm going to suffer for it tomorrow, possibly badly.

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