Sunday, 4 September 2011


My late grandmother came to visit today, something that hasn't happened in a really long time.

She died in 1998, but for years after that, she was a regular visitor, particularly to me. She liked to play with electronics - making things turn themselves on and off, work when they shouldn't be able to, that kind of thing. She even managed a visit while I was in Colombia, and she was the one who got me through my motorbike test, holding me upright on the u-turn manoeuvre when I kept on dropping the bike. She kept me safe and made sure I knew she hadn't left me.

She hasn't been around for a long time though, till today.

I'd been looking for some Post-its that had magically run off, but couldn't find them anywhere. Later, I heard an alarm, or a mobile phone ringtone, coming from the bookcase behind the mothership. It was my old Palm Handheld, that I no longer use.

I picked it up, wondering why it was suddenly sounding an alarm, when it hasn't done that for the past two years. The Calendar events come up, but silently, because I turned off the sound when I took it out of commission.

I went into Preferences, and found the sound still deactivated, despite it having just gone off. Then I noticed - the Post-its were sitting under the Palm. It was clearly my Nan, letting me know she's still around, watching over me, taking care of me, just like she always did.

She was the only one who supported and encouraged me as a child. The only one who made me feel loved and safe. It's good to know she's still there. I really hope she can give me some sign as to what I should do next.

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