Thursday, 8 September 2011


I want to find out from Personnel what the minimum number of hours is that I could work part-time.

I'm thinking it's probably about 10; at the moment, the most activity I can manage on a day is an hour - like today - after which I'm generally in bed for the rest of the day. That means I'd only be managing 5 hours.

I'll also have to look at it over the course of a week too, because if I am then useless for several days, it's no good.

I think, though, that basically I need to be able to manage 2 hours a day, consistent and reliably. At the moment, that seems a distant dream, but it's what I want.

Though I suppose the upcoming therapy could shit all over those plans...

Another possibility I guess would be trying to do several hours on a Team Meeting day, then nothing for a few days (because i'd be flat on my back), but that's probably too much.

And would I get paid sick leave if I was then off? I've used up this year's allowance, but it's a big question.

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