Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I've managed to sit up all day today, though only really because I was waiting all afternoon for the TV man to arrive.

He was making the bedroom TV digital-ready, and it didn't feel safe having a strange man come into my bedroom and it be obvious I'd just got out of bed. I know that sounds daft, but it's bad enough having to let a stranger into your bedroom - that would just have been a step too far.

Typically, he arrived five minutes before the end of the four-hour window they'd given me. All for a ten-minute appointment.

Anyway, during the afternoon, I got loads done, like putting my new CDs onto my mp3 player, searching for scart leads, and so on. I suspect I'll pay for it tomorrow. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm stuck in bed - my back feels very tender from hoiking the heavy old laptop about, and the shoulder pain was building all afternoon till I finally took something at 5pm.

But it feels good to have got those things done, and if I am stuck in bed tomorrow, at least I now have lots of TV channels to choose from! It's taken months of faffing and phone calls to get this sorted. I hope it's all worth it.

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