Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I was just watching a programme that described a couple of characteristics of a psychopath. I've always said my father was a psycho, but the description they gave fit him so perfectly, I looked up others.

The article I found said:

'Psychopaths tend to be articulate, amusing and witty. Although they may tell stories that should be unbelievable, they have a knack for doing so in a way that causes intelligent people to believe them.

'The shallow emotions of the psychopath are evident in the fact that many claim to love the people they have abused or even murdered. Most abandon their spouses and children, or mistreat them if they stick around.'

This could be talking about my dad specifically. All the rest of the stuff was similarly accurate.

It makes me realise that it hasn't just been me being judgemental: my father really is a psycopath. Thank god I'm out of it.

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