Thursday, 1 September 2011

My current refusal to take any top-ups means I'm sitting on the basic morphine level - 70mg/day.

It's this time of day that tends to be hardest - from now till the 7.30 dose kicks in properly, which could be not till 9. I ache all over, especially my back, I have shoulder pain and neck pressure.

I could take a top-up - 10mg would ease the aching, but there's every chance it won't help the actual pain, and it might make me feel really stoned, like last night. I'd really rather avoid that.

I already feel weak and very tired. I've been trying to gather the energy for a shower for the past two hours, but I still don't feel able to get undressed. But I have to go see the shrink tomorrow, and we already know that showering and driving on the same day is too much.

Maybe if I can get in there, the heat will help, who knows.

4.45. I think the best idea will be to bring the 7.30 pill forward. That gap is longer than all the others anyway, so it'll even things out.

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