Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hideous day after hideous night

I feel like death. My head is thumping, I have a raging screwdriver in the eye, my shoulder is still killing, I feel sick and stoned and hung over.

I feel like I took shedloads of morphine, but I didn't; after the four in the early hours had so little effect, there seemed no point taking any more, so I didn't bother. All I've taken is the standard basic dose, so I'm still under my limit.

Which is why it makes no sense that I feel so shit. I can only imagine it's tiredness from a night of acute agony.

It's all meant I've had to cancel my chat with Personnel this morning, but my panicked 3am email to her about the rehab tests seems to have shown her what a headcase I truly am and she's trying to sort it out for me.

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