Friday, 23 September 2011

Made it to pharmacy to get the rest of my prescription then to Tesco to pick up a few things.

I'm finding at the moment that the only things I can bring myself to eat are cereal and bagels. The only reason I'm not losing loads of weight is I'm snacking on sweets and crisps (though I do think I'm losing some).

I've ordered a bagel slicer, because I do struggle to cut them with a knife. It seemed daft for that to be delivered when there were no bagels in the house, so I had to get some.

So, I'm stocked up, but the trip has really kicked off the pain again. It felt bad even as I was setting off, and I was scared to go in case I had another major flare-up requiring first aiders and wheelchairs, but I decided to go anyway.

The only problem now is I was planning to work on the DLA forms today - I've even charged the laptop and got everything out ready - and now it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to. Sigh.

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