Monday, 26 September 2011

Managed to keep the morphine under my limit today - first time in 5 days. All of the previous days I've kept it to within the emergency limit - ie an extra 20mg on top of the 30mg contingency - but it's still higher than I'd like.

Today, I've managed to use just 25mg of the contingency. Sadly, it's not a sign of a good day - I didn't even try taking more because the nature of the pain, and the way it's responded for the past few days, made me pretty sure it wouldn't do much good.

So I've had no choice but to just lie here in pain. I took a double slow release dose at 7pm, plus three quick release just now at the same time as the usual bedtime double dose. I'm hoping this will at least allow me to get some sleep.

I did manage to get the chins out, but it made the back pain a lot worse. That was what I was afraid of, but I needed the cuddles, so I tried it anyway. And then wound up back in bed, where I've been for most of the day.

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