Wednesday, 14 September 2011

This evening's final double dose is the first one in 36hours that's felt like it's doing anything.

I never did take any more top-ups, so today I've still been under my limit. It's just I've been in mind-blowing agony the whole time because none of the standard doses have helped and because of that, there's seemed no point in taking anything else.

All day I've been in agony from my shoulder, back, neck and head, including hideous screwdriver-in-the-eye and neck pressure. My hips are also killing me because I'm having to lie on my right hand side for hours at a time. Still my shoulder joint feels like its full of grit and as it grinds with any tiny movement, the neck pressure builds and builds.

Since that last dose, if I lie completely still, in the right position, the pains all go down and the neck pressure eases. But as soon as I move, it all kicks off again. But it's the first time in two days that I've got even that much relief. I just want some sleep now.

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